Sliding Door Repairs – Potts Point

Sliding Door Repairs in Potts Point, Sydney

Are you familiar with the scraping sound of metal on metal? Perhaps you often hear the rattle of someone jigging a door up and down, or maybe it’s the shunting sound of a door being forced across the tracks. This is because it won’t stay aligned. If this description is familiar, then you have a problem with your sliding doors. It’s not uncommon for people to wait too long to get these issues seen. It’s not hard for us to understand why. Often, we’re too busy to wait around for tradespeople. Or, we simply get so used to making do we almost forget what it was like to have a working door. Well, we’re here to tell you why you shouldn’t wait to fix your broken door, and why we offer the best sliding door repairs in Potts Point.

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Why Is It So Important to Fix Broken Windows and Doors?

You might be tempted to wait, or even leave a broken window or door, but it’s vital that repairs are done quickly and by a professional. We’ve put together our top reasons to act fast.

    • Protect your home from thieves and criminals

A broken window or door is a definite security problem, and if opportunistic criminals spot a weakness you are in trouble. Never wait to get a problem like this fixed, let us know if your repair needs an urgent fix and we’ll do our best to patch you up as quickly as possible.

  • Falling glass hazard


Broken glass can fall from frames at any point, kids running past, someone banging against the wall, or just time and gravity can topple glass to the floor. Shards of glass are extremely sharp and dangerous, so don’t delay getting your broken window or door panel replaced.

  • Save money and the environment!


The sooner you fix a problem, the easier it is. That is pretty much true of any issue, personal, material or global! The great thing about getting your repairs sorted in a timely manner is, not only is the repair less drastic (saving you money), but you could reduce your energy bills, too! Small cracks and holes can appear in your sealant or frames, letting cold air in and warm air out. Keeping your home properly insulated from the outside could see you turning that thermostat down a little, saving you dollars and saving the planet at the same time! Not only that, did you know that a small window crack can be repaired without replacing the entire pane? Just like your car windshield, there are small repairs that can save you money, but only if you act fast!

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Our sleek and stylish website is choc-full of information about our services, and general care and maintenance of windows and doors. Our experts have put together just about everything you can think of, plus a little more, so head to now to read more about the services we offer.

Exitoso also provides a range of sliding door repair services in the following areas:

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