Sliding Door Repair in Sydney


For all your sliding door repairs in Sydney, call Exitoso & Co. We have expert tradesmen who are experts in repairing all kinds of sliding door problems. If you are having problems with the rollers, tracks, latches, glass panels, or seals, our team can fix all these problems for you quickly and affordably. Our motto is to get the job done right the first time.

Keeping your doors in good working condition is essential for security, safety, and energy efficiency. Doors that are compromised in any way reduce your comfort and safety, and could result in higher energy costs.

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Don’t take unnecessary risks.  If you notice a problem with your door, you should get it fixed promptly. The cost of rejuvenating your sliding door by replacing the existing old hardware with quality hardware in comparison to replacing the doors is significantly less meaning you save money in the long run.

You should operate all your sliding doors on a regular basis. If you only ever use one door to enter and exit, you may think not operating the other doors is better. In fact you are actually causing more problems as the rollers will seize from a lack of use over time. Every 4 weeks open all the doors and slide them back & forth a few times, this should be sufficient to keep the rollers from seizing and keep them in working order.

Struggling with a sliding door that doesn’t slide properly is not much fun. So for all your sliding door problem call Exitoso & Co to fix it for you.


New Door & Window Installations

If your doors or windows are beyond repair and you need to replace them we can arrange this for you. Partnering with a leading construction company Itabella Constructions to undertake our installation work.  We use Stegbar, the leading window & door fabricator so you can choose quality aluminium, timber or siteline composite windows & doors.  Available in standard and Dulux colour ranges with inbuilt insect protection. We also provide door hinge repairdoor handle replacement as well.

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Rachel, Potts Point

OMG thank you so much! I know you didn’t replace the sliding doors, just fixed it but they working like never before! Life changing really LOL! Thank you Guida for following up.

Jeff, Maroubra

I have had the pleasure of using Exitoso to service my sliding doors. From making the appointment to finishing the job was both a seamless and professional experience . The door was transformed from a scrape to a smooth glide as well an installing an ingenious new locking device that works extremely well. Highly recommend […]