Sliding Door Repairs – Darlinghurst

Sliding Door Repairs in Darlinghurst, Sydney

Exitoso & Co. offer all our customers in Darlinghurst innovative and professional solutions to window and door problems including sliding door repairs. We have been operating for 5 years and have continued to grow our business.  We began as “a man & a van.” Since then, we have completed over 6000 window and door repairs with only a 0.16% warranty claim rate. We always deliver to our customers quality repairs that are reasonably priced. We hold ourselves accountable for anything that may go wrong. As always, we aim to provide our customers with an exceptional repair experience every time.

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Looking For a Repair Service In Darlinghurst?

Well, look no further. At Exitoso & Co. we have the knowledge and tools to find the right solution to the problem with your sliding door.

Repairing Your Sliding Door

We want your door to be able to do its job of opening and closing smoothly and easily. Something that stops that from happening can become a real annoyance. Sliding doors can start to jump off the track or become difficult to open and close due to track damage or roller deterioration. They can also become difficult to latch if the door begins to fall out of alignment.

We can solve all these problems and more. Some of our solutions to repair your sliding door include:

  • Roller replacement – Replacing the roller in your sliding door is quite a specialised job. You need to ensure that you have the correct roller for the size and weight of your door. It then needs to be adjusted so that it is in the frame correctly. This will allow your doors can glide open and shut easily and smoothly. If the rollers are put in incorrectly it can lead to damage to other hardware in the door including the door itself and the track.
  • Retrofit rollers – This is where we can retrofit existing rollers when the specific rollers needed are no longer available.
  • Track Capping – This is a cost-effective solution to fixing your damaged tracks without having to replace the whole frame. We lay a thin stainless steel or aluminium track cap with matching moulds over the track that is already there and screw it into place. This is done across the whole track so that your door can glide smoothly open and close when you use it.
  • Track Repair – This is used when there is only minor damage to the track or when it is not possible to use a track capping. The technician will use a manual file to sand the track.
  • Lock and handle replacement- We can easily replace a damaged or defective lock or handle on your sliding door. If we cannot source a like-for-like replacement we will try and find a match that is as close to the original lock or handle as possible.
  • Weather pile replacement – If you can feel a draught through your sliding doors or they begin to rattle in the wind, replacing the weather pile seal can combat this.

Use Exitoso & Co. As For Your Window and Door Repairs In Darlinghurst

Not only do we strive to find solutions to the repairs that seem too hard to fix, but we also do it with care. We ensure that with every job we do our customers are extremely happy and we look after the area that we are working in. We protect our working area and then clean up after the work is done.

Try us out for yourself and get all your window and door problems solved by Exitoso & Co.

Exitoso & Co. also provides a range of sliding door repair services in several locations including:

Plus many other areas throughout Sydney.

To speak to our team please call 0477 006 654 or email us for a free quote.

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