About Us

Your trusted provider

Over the last 5 years we have been growing our window & door repair business into the trusted service provider that we have become. Our service experience has been built through 20+ years in service industries in both Australia and New Zealand and we know customers want reliable, quality repairs from a company they trust. We believe total transparency is mandatory to building trust and we will tell you how it is even if it means not winning the job. We won’t repair a window or door if we can’t stand by our warranty promise. If replacement is the better option, we will tell you that.

Sean’s service experience in the automotive industry has been key in developing innovative and successful solutions to window & door problems. His lateral thinking ability enables him to think on his feet when things don’t go to plan ensuring he always gets the job done even if something unexpected happens. He has an extensive knowledge of window & door hardware giving him an advantage in sourcing the right hardware when older parts are no longer available.

Guida’s service experience comes from a background in learning & development, incident, operational management & customer service. She has a pragmatic and systematic approach to diagnosing problems.   She understands setting and managing customer expectations are key to customer experience and she delivers this through the communication processes she has implemented. With a passion for fixing things she gets immense satisfaction when they can resolve challenging window & door problems for their customers.