About Us

Window and Doors Repairs and Servicing, Sydney

Exitoso & Co has been operating for 8 years and has curated a solid reputation for providing innovative and professional solutions to window and doors repairs and servicing in Sydney.

Building on 20+ years of service experience, developed in service industries in Australia and New Zealand, we started with “a man & a van”. Since our inception, we have delivered over 6,000 window & door repairs with a warranty claim rate of only 0.16%.

We are a trusted repair provider and highly referred and recommended by some of the top window and door manufacturers and suppliers.

Some manufacturers include:

We have on-hand a vast array of hardware for the following:

Our promise to you is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective repair solutions. We will use only top-quality products, we will always keep you informed, be accountable if something goes wrong, and we will certainly provide you with an exceptional repair experience.

Need to call in the experts to tend to your required repairs or replacements for your windows or doors? Contact Exitoto & Co today via our Contact Us page here. Alternatively, call us on 0477 006 654