Sliding Door Repairs – Bronte

Sliding Door Repairs in Bronte, Sydney

Need to find someone who does sliding door repairs in Bronte? If yes is your answer, look no further than Exitoso & Co. We provide successful solutions to all your window and door problems so you don’t have to spend copious amounts on costly window and door replacements.

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What Other Services Do We Provide?

As well as sliding door repairs, we also offer many other window and door repairs:

  • Window Repairs

    • Single & Double-hung windows – The common repairs needed for these types of windows are sash cord repair or replacement, sash cord re-weighting, spiral balance replacement, and spring system and foot replacement.
    • Sliding & Stacker Windows – The common repairs needed for these are roller replacement, retrofit rollers, track capping, track repair, lock & latch replacement, and weather pile replacement.
    • Tilt & Turn Window – These windows can tilt inwards at the top or can be opened using the hinges at the side. If your windows start underperforming we have partnered with a supplier who has a lot of tilt-and-turn hardware that we can use to fix your window.
    • Casement & Awning Windows – This type of window may need a winder replacement, a hinge replacement or a stay replacement.
    • Bi-Fold Windows – These windows may need hardware replaced, weather pile replacement, and their glazing seals replaced.
    • Aneeta Sashless Window – This type of window may need its counterbalance and lock hardware system replaced or repaired as it ages.
  • Child Safety Restrictors – We can install safety devices on double-hung, casement, louve, sliding, and bi-fold windows. When the safety device is activated it prevents the window from being able to open fully, preventing children from falling from open windows.
  • Door Repairs

    • Sliding & Stacker Door Repairs – These could need a variety of different repairs including roller replacement, track capping, track repair, lock and handle replacement, weather pile replacement, and hinge replacement.
    • Bi-Fold Door Repairs – As with the bi-fold windows we can replace the hardware such as roller guides, pivot & intermediate hinges, replace the weather pile seal, and replace glazing seals.
    • Hinged & French Door Repairs – This type of door can become a problem when it starts scraping on the floor or door frame making it difficult to close. This is a problem we can easily solve with a hinge replacement or by getting the door planed.

These are only some of the repairs that we carry out. We always aim to find the root cause of the problem instead of just replacing bits of hardware. By doing this we are ensuring that the problem doesn’t reoccur and it is fixed for the foreseeable future.

Why Should I Choose Exitoso & Co. to Complete My Sliding Door Repairs In Bronte?

Not only do we look for the root cause of the problem with your sliding doors so we can find the correct solution, we are also transparent about the work that we do. If we can’t guarantee that we can repair your window or door then we won’t take the job. We also respect our customers and do our repairs with care. We protect the area we are doing the work in and then clean up when we have finished.

Exitoso & Co also provides a range of sliding door repair services in the following areas:

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