Sliding Door Repairs – Rose Bay

Sliding Door Repairs in Rose Bay

Are your sliding doors continuingly getting stuck? Perhaps you have even stopped using them because they are so hard to open and close?

The good news is that Exitoso and Co can come and complete sliding door repairs in Rose Bay at an affordable rate and a fraction of the cost of new sliding doors.

Your sliding doors are an important part of your home. They probably lead into your backyard and they are also an important fire escape should the worst happen. Therefore, if they are not working as they should, it is important to get them fixed.

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What Could Be The Cause Of My Sliding Doors Not Working?

There are many reasons why your sliding doors may not be working properly. Many of these issues can be fixed by a tried and tested professional company like Exitoso and Co who offer sliding door repair services in Rose Bay.

It could be that your tracks have build up a lot of dust, dirt and debris over the years. This can stop your doors from running smoothly or cause them to get stuck. We can come and replace your rollers on your doors and then align them correctly so that your doors easily open with just the slightest push. We carefully choose the right rollers for your doors, ensuring that they are correct for the size and weight of the doors. We can even find rollers that are suitable for your doors if the ones you currently have are no longer made.

Once you have had your rollers replaced, keep your new rollers working smoothly by regularly keeping your tracks clean. This can easily be done by vacuuming, brushing and washing your tracks to stop the dirt collecting and causing you more problems in the future.

We also offer track capping and track repair for when capping is not suitable. Track capping means that we place a track cap that is made of aluminium or stainless steel onto your existing track. This has matching moulds and is screwed into place and allows your doors to glide smoothly along it.

If there is not enough space for track capping, we can fix the track for you by manually filing and sanding your existing track.

We aim to find a solution to your sliding door problems, no matter what they are.

Exitoso And Co: Your Sliding Doors Solution

At Exitoso and Co, we aim to find a solution for your sliding door and repair it in Rose Bay and the surrounding areas. We are proud to say that we do not just fix the problem temporarily, but we look at what the cause is and fix this too. This means that you can expect your sliding door repair to last you a long time and we also provide you with a warranty for added peace of mind. However, you can be confident in our services and the quality of your repair.

With all the correct equipment, tools and hardware on our van, we can fix the vast majority of sliding doors on our first visit.

Call us today for your sliding door repair.

Exitoso & Co also provides range of sliding door repair services in potts point, bondi, bronte, darlinghurst, maroubra, vaucluse & many other areas in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.

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