Sliding Door Repairs Darling Point

Sliding Door Repairs in Darling Point

Did you know that we picked the name Exitoso because of its Spanish translation? It means ‘successful’, which we thought summed us up, because that’s what we are! There’s nothing that phases us, and we repair pretty much anything and everything.

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What Are The Different Types Of Sliding Door, And Do You Repair Them All?

Good Question! We are the experts, and we pride ourselves on fixing what others cannot. To help you, we’ve put together a list of common door types that we can service:

  • Sliding and stacker doorsCommon issues include grinding sounds, becoming derailed from the tracks, damaged weather pile and replacement locks, handles and glass. The great news is we can do all of this, and more!
  • Hinged doorsWe are able to offer repairs and replacements on internal, and external, hinged doors. We can work with classic wood frames, glass and security screen doors. We can even sand and rehang doors where the frame has become warped. We are experts in fixing problems left behind by incorrect original fittings and can replace locks and handles that have broken.
  • Bifold doorsA stunning addition to any home, bifold doors (and windows) open living spaces up to connect them with the outside. We are experts in maintaining, servicing and repairing bifold doors. Regular cleaning and inspections are vital to enjoying your bifold doors for a long time, especially in properties near the coast where corrosion is more common. We can repair the tracks, replace weather pile, re glaze seals and keep your locks, handles and glass in good condition.
  • Pivot doorsA growing trend of the last 15 years, pivot doors were more commonly seen in commercial properties prior to the recent boom. Great for smaller spaces, pivot doors can suffer from leaking oil, stiff mechanisms or noises when being opened or closed. Pivot doors are a speciality that not every repair service can properly cater to, as they need equipment and training that is not common to most engineers. Luckily, we’re the pivot experts!
  • Cavity doorsCavity doors are clever space savers as they literally retract into the wall! Like sliding or wardrobe doors on rollers (which we also service), cavity doors can run into problems when the rollers fail, the doors derail from the tracks or the door becomes misaligned. The good news is we can help you with any cavity door issue.

Get Down To The Root Cause!

Unlike other repair companies, we’re different because we find out why something is broken, not just what is wrong. Not every engineer will take the time to do this, but because we do, our repairs are more likely to stay functional for longer. We’ll find out what went wrong, replace the broken element and help you to prevent any further damage, saving you money in the long term! We’ll even collaborate with other tradespeople to provide you with a complete solution, making your life easier. Make sure you get an engineer that puts you first by calling 0499 552 602 now.

Exitoso & Co also provides a range of sliding door repair services in darlinghurst, bondi, bronte, clovelly, maroubra, vaucluse & many other areas in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.

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