Glass Door Repairs Sydney

Glass replacement requires unique skills and service. Replacing cracked or broken glass should be done quickly for safety reasons. Replacing glass with toughed or laminated glass also makes sense. Toughed glass is up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass. It breaks into lots of small pieces which is less dangerous than large shards of glass. Laminated glass has the same strength as ordinary glass. In saying this, consists of 2 sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer sandwiched between the two sheets. The plastic interlay holds the whole piece of glass in place so there is no hole left in the glass. This makes laminated glass a safer choice. Exitoso & Co can arrange glass door repairs in Sydney for aluminum or timber doors. This includes toughened, laminated, or ordinary glass in a variety of thicknesses.

Over time sun exposure and environmental factors can weaken the glazing seals around the glass in doors and windows. Reglazing can be done without the removal of the door or window. If you need the glazing seals replaced don’t hesitate to contact Exitoso & Co to get this done for you. Glass replacement can be arranged as an independent repair or in conjunction with other door glass repair if required.

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The Best Door Glass Repair in Sydney!

If you’re looking for door glass repair, then you have come to the right place. Exitoso and Co have been specialists in this field for over 5 years. In this time, we have become known as window and door miracle workers. We go right to the root of the issue. We make sure that our solutions not only last longer, but hold up to the elements, and keep you safe, warm, and secure. Exitoso has repaired over 6000 windows and doors and is recommended by the best manufacturers and suppliers. We are so confident in our service and our skills that we called ourselves Exitoso, from the Spanish for success. We know that we can fix the unfixable!

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure what service you need? Do you have a question that you would like answered? Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page to get a full list of answers to the most common queries. To make things even simpler here’s a taste of 3 things our customers ask us all the time:

1. Do you clean up after you’ve finished working?

We know why people ask this question, we’ve seen the state of some tradespeople leave their customers’ homes. Dust, plaster, and even tools or packaging are strewn all over your home, with no care or thought for you. We’re the company that repairs with care. We make sure to adequately protect the area we are working in, covering surfaces to prevent damage. After we’re done, we make good on the job by cleaning up – it’s just good manners!

2. What are the charges for a quote on my broken door/window?

With some very limited exceptions for out-of-area requests, all our quotes are free and without obligation. We’re confident you’ll be impressed by our service and price point. We are transparent about costs right from the start. Our philosophy is to save you money by finding out the root cause of the issue. All our quotes are valid for 30 days, so you have time to make your decision.

3. Will I have to stay in all day just for your appointment?

Trust us, we know how infuriating that is, so we don’t ask you to write off an entire day for a quick job. We always give an appointment time, which we make every effort to keep to. All we ask is that you are a little flexible with us, as we can’t always predict things like more complex jobs or even traffic! We’ll give you an hour slot and we will always tell you if there is a delay.

Can’t find the answer? Don’t worry!

If you haven’t been able to find the answer to your question, there’s no need to panic. We’re a friendly local business, so we know that sometimes the best thing is just picking up the phone and having a good, old-fashioned, chat. We love talking to our customers, and because we’re the experts there’s nothing we can’t help you with. To speak to us, call 0477 006 654 today.

Exitoso & Co provides a range of window repair solutions including UPVC window repairs, casement window repairs, sliding window repairs, tilt-in window repairs & more in Sydney. We also provide lock replacement solutions including door handle replacement, door lock replacement & screen door roller replacement services for property owners in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.

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Janet – Forest Lodge

I would like to commend Exitoso for the job done at our property on 12/10/2020.     Sean and his colleague provided an excellent service and left our two sets of stacker glass doors in perfect condition.   I do not use Facebook or Twitter, but I wanted you to know how appreciative we are for the service […]

Ruth – Milsons Point

I am happy to recommend your company for its professional staff, efficiency and quality of work. Recently, some rectification work was completed at our apartment. The work was perfectly and professionally completed.  Your staff are courteous, respectful of people and property and exacting in their work. They were also wonderfully clean and careful to not […]