Door Glass Repair in Sydney

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Glass replacement requires unique skills and service. Replacing cracked or broken glass should be done quickly for safety reasons.  Replacing glass with toughed or laminated glass also makes sense.  Toughed glass is up to 5 times stronger than ordinary glass and it breaks into lots of small pieces which is less dangerous than large shards of glass.  Laminated glass has the same strength of ordinary glass however it consists of 2 sheets of glass with a plastic interlayer sandwiched between to the two sheets.  The plastic interlay holds the whole piece of glass in place so there is no hole left in the glass making laminated glass a safer choice. Exitoso & Co can arrange glass replacement for aluminium or timber doors in toughened, laminated and ordinary glass in a variety of thickness.

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Over time sun exposure and environmental factors can weaken the glazing seals around the glass in doors and windows.  Did you know that reglazing can be done without removal of the door or window. If you need the glazing seals replaced don’t hesitate to contact Exitoso & Co to get this done for you.Glass replacement can be arranged as a independent repair or in conjunction with other repairs if required.


Door Handle & Lock Repair 

When you have a problem with a door handle or door lock, it can be frustrating. If it is for an external door, it can also be a serious concern, as your home is more vulnerable to unauthorized entry if your locks are damaged. In fact, one of the most common causes of door lock damage is attempted burglary. Sometimes the attempt is successful, in which case the lock is completely compromised, and other times the attempt fails but still results in damage to the lock.

If your home has been subjected to a burglary attempt where the lock was attacked, you should not trust that lock any more and should get it replaced as soon as possible. You should do that even if the burglar did not gain entry to your home. Door handles are important, too. When they begin to have problems, if those problems are not attended to promptly, they’ll get worse. Eventually the door handle can fail to operate at all. In some situations that could be dangerous, so it is something you should treat as a serious problem needing attention as soon as possible.

Door handle and lock repair is also made necessary when inferior components are used to manufacture the lock or handle. Reputable manufacturers such as Assa Abloy and Lockwood can be relied on to use quality components in their products. Manufacturers that try to cut costs will use lower quality materials and that can cause the products to fail more quickly. We recommend replacing inferior quality locks if your builder has installed them, because they are not safe for your family. Bad locks cannot be relied on.

For all your door handle and lock repair in Sydney, call Exitoso & Co for quick repairs done perfectly.


Door Hinge Repair

There are many reasons why door hinges may need replacing. Firstly, using the right hinge for the application is paramount.  The size, weight, type of wood and density, location and usage of the door are important factors when choosing hinges for your doors.  Ultimately, the wrong hinge will almost certainly lead to problems. Everything from door sag, scraping on trims and floor, alignment issues and eventually snapping or breaking the hinges are all probable issues.

The material the hinge is fabricated from also plays an important role especially for high traffic or usage areas.   External doors may require more robust hinges than in internal door and even the screws used can pose a problem when gravity takes over.  Checking door hinges on a regular basis and tightening the screws can help but if your door is scraping, sagging, or the wrong hinges have been used Exitoso & Co can replace them with the right hinge. Get in touch with us to find out more about our window repairs & door repairs services.

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Mrs Solomon, Rose Bay

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with Sean’s services. He is extremely professional and clearly knowledgeable but more importantly he has the right work ethic. He focus’ on finding a solution rather than fixating on a problem. This combination is difficult to find and is unfortunately becoming more and more rare, […]

Peter, Potts Point

Exitoso and all the staff we dealt with, were excellent. Had 4 section bifold veranda doors repaired and they now work perfectly and now move with minimal effort. Prompt, efficient and factual with information and turning up as promised and on time.