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Commercial Door Repairs in Sydney

Exitoso & Co are the experts to call for commercial door repairs in Sydney and surrounding areas. We understand how important it is for commercial doors to be always in good operational condition, so you can rely on us for a quick, thorough, and professional job whenever you need us. Commercial doors have important roles to play. They represent the first line of security for your business premises, they help you maintain climate control within the building, and they’re even important in helping you create a good first impression with your visitors.

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Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to your commercial door repair. At the first sign of damage or stress to your doors, call us to repair the  problem. This is ultimately the best way to prolong the life of the doors and keep your costs down. Door maintenance problems left unattended detract from your image, pose a safety and security risk, and can lead to more extensive damage which is harder and more costly to fix.If you have any concerns at all about the integrity of your commercial doors, call Exitoso and Co for obligation free advice or estimates.

Types of commercial doors

Commercial doors are used in commercial buildings such as schools, shopping centres and office buildings. They are typically built more durably than residential doors, which allows them to withstand high levels of traffic and abuse. Commercial doors are also subject to more stringent building code requirements, including those aimed at safe egress, fire protection and accessibility for the disabled.

Commercial doors can serve a number of purposes, security, entry/exit and protection from the elements, environment control. Typically, Exitoso & Co repair and maintain both internal & external entry/exit doors and doors that provide access to outdoor eating spaces in cafes & restaurants.  This includes commercial bi-fold windows that are part of a servery.

The undisputed king of entry doors is the revolving door. Constructed from multiple toughened glass panels mounted in a revolving metal frame, the revolving door forms a perfect insulating seal and can be locked to prevent entry or exit when required. Its only drawback is that it can be difficult for people with certain types of disabilities to operate without assistance.

By far the most commonly encountered type of commercial entry door system is a set of automatic sliding doors. These doors are generally safe and practical for all people to use, and don’t provide too much of a challenge. The manual sliding door is also a common commercial door.  The automatic sliding system can fail, the rollers can breakdown, deteriorate or fall out.  Tracks get major abuse due to foot traffic and need to be cleaned regularly as debris in the tracks leads to the roller damage.

Their drawback is that they’re not good insulators. They let air in and out of the building every time somebody just walks past them.

Pivot doors have long been a popular choice in commercial doors, used as both internal and entry doors.  The latest trend in home design is the statement front door. Homeowners are choosing something large, grand and different to their neighbours. This is where the pivot door system comes in. Pivot doors rotate on a pivot box rather than on traditional side hinges. Ideal for large panels, pivoting doors exude a cool contemporary vibe. A pivot door is supported by a pivot point on the floor and another pivot at the top. A pivot system is also good for large glass doors, as it comes complete with a high quality concealed self-closing mechanism.  The mechanisms that make this style of door unique will breakdown over time especially in high traffic areas such as commercial applications.

Typical problems include the oil leaking from the pivot box, the doors not opening or closing posing a safety and security risk.  If the door is making strange sounds when it is opened and closed, is scraping on the ground or against the other door in double door set ups then it’s fairly certain there is something very wrong with the mechanism.  These doors are are often large and heavy and are complex to repair.

Operable walls are commonly used to section large rooms into multiple spaces.  Used in boardrooms, gymnasium, schools and office buildings, these walls operate in the same way as bi-fold windows & doors.  Frequent use of the doors can lead to wear & tear with the hardware needing to be repaired or replaced.  Exitoso & Co;s extensive experience in repairing bi-fold doors makes us the perfect repair to choose for your operable wall repairs.

Commercial door repairs are so important, you shouldn’t trust just anyone to do the job. Our techicians are, highly trained & qualified, have passed rigorous background checks, have the repair experience to get your repairs done to the highest of standards and with absolute professionalism every time.

You can not afford to leave your commercial door problems without being repaired. To be certain you are getting the best repairs for your commercial doors, always choose Exitoso & Co as your door repairers. We repair all types of doors including, sliding doors & Bi-Fold doors.

Keep Your Property Safe: Commercial Glass Door Repair for Sydney Businesses

If you’re a Sydney business owner, then we hope you make the most of your exciting surroundings by letting the outside in through large glass doors or windows. It’s a no brainer when you work somewhere like this. Glass doors have the added benefit of making your commercial premise light, bright and inviting for your customer, plus giving plenty of curb appeal! We know your business is your baby, ours is too! So, we know if something goes wrong, and you find yourself in need of a commercial door repair, you want something quick, reliable and affordable.

Other Services We Provide

We pride ourselves on fixing the unfixable, and there isn’t much we can’t do. Here’s a list of some of the most searched for terms our customers come looking for:

We’re happy to report that every search term always ends up with a hit at Exitoso, because we fix what others can’t.

In addition to these common requests, we also offer speciality repairs. These include:

On top of the repair, replace and service options, we have recently started offering installation for safety devices. These devices keep children safe from the risk of unrestricted open windows. We can retro fit safety devices to double hung, casement, bifold, louvre and sliding windows to ensure they comply with the 2018 regulations for Strata Buildings in NSW.

Considering our wide range of services and expertise, it’s not difficult to see why we’re so many people’s first choice for non-residential repairs. We work with partners and third parties, where required, to fix the root cause of your problem, saving your business money in the long term.

Can’t See What You’re Looking For? Get in Touch!

If you can’t see the service that you require above, then we want to hear from you! Our engineer is fully qualified in multiple repair specialities, so we’re ready for anything you might need! Let us know what your specific issue is, and we can advise you on the best action to take. We won’t attempt to fix anything that we aren’t prepared to guarantee will work, so you’ll never end up being charged for a half-baked repair that fails moments later. To talk in detail, call our technician on 0499 552 602 now.

Exitoso & Co provides range of window repair solutions including UPVC window repairs, aluminium window & door repairs, sliding window repairs, tilt in window repairs & more in Sydney. We also provide lock replacement solutions including door handle replacement, door lock replacement & screen door roller replacement services for the property owners in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.

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Janet – Forest Lodge

I would like to commend Exitoso for the job done at our property on 12/10/2020.     Sean and his colleague provided an excellent service and left our two sets of stacker glass doors in perfect condition.   I do not use Facebook or Twitter, but I wanted you to know how appreciative we are for the service […]

Ruth – Milsons Point

I am happy to recommend your company for its professional staff, efficiency and quality of work. Recently, some rectification work was completed at our apartment. The work was perfectly and professionally completed.  Your staff are courteous, respectful of people and property and exacting in their work. They were also wonderfully clean and careful to not […]