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Hinged & French Doors

Do you have a hinged door that is difficult to close because it’s scraping on the floor or framing? If this sounds like your problem you may need the hinges replaced or the door planed to fit in the frame.  We can solve these problem on internal or external doors easily for you.

Did you know that French doors date back as far as the 17th century when France was at war with Italy. French doors originated as windows that reached to the floor that led onto small balconies consisting of of 2 doors.  Whether your french doors are timber or aluminium the hinges, flush bolts, locks, panic bolts or handles may fail simply due to age and a lack of care & maintenance.  If your french doors are not closing or sealing properly, won’t stay closed, are out of alignment or slamming around in the wind, Exitoso has the experience and hardware to solve these problems for you.