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Window Repairs Sydney

If you need a double-hung window repair or sash window repairs in Sydney, homeowners can put their trust in Exitoso. We have the skills and experience necessary to tackle even the most challenging window repairs.

But when exactly should you engage our services?

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The Most Common Window Problems

There are lots of problems that can plague your windows, but some of them are tougher to identify than others. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common window problems requiring double-hung window repair or sash window repairs. This way, you know when to call in the professionals.

Drafty Windows

Drafty windows are a real nightmare. You might not notice them right away, but a drafty window can really have a significant impact on how comfortable your home is. The constant influx of outside air can make it difficult for you to achieve a consistent and comfortable temperature in your home.

To make matters worse, drafty windows mean that your home is not properly weather-sealed. This could send your energy costs through the roof while increasing the size of your carbon footprint.

There are lots of reasons for drafty windows. You might find that your window seals are broken or that the windows were not properly installed, for example. Here at Exitoso, we have lots of experience fixing these common problems.

Faulty Windows

We all know what it’s like to wrestle with a faulty window or door. It’s incredibly frustrating to pull or push the handle and feel that nothing happens. Modern windows and doors are often very sophisticated and feature a lot of moving parts – if something happens to those mechanisms, you might have a faulty window on your hands.

Again, our team has what it takes to properly diagnose and repair a wide range of faulty windows. This helps you to properly weather seal your home and avoid having to struggle with your windows.

Cracking or Rotting Wood

Do you have wooden frames around your window? These frames will often expand and contract according to the temperature around them – this inevitably means that they begin to crack, and your window becomes loose within its frame.

More modern vinyl replacement windows are better at handling temperature fluctuations. They are also naturally resistant to rot, making them a superior, more robust alternative if you’re looking for a great window replacement. We are experts at installing these windows.


Modern windows offer fantastic insulation thanks to the fact that multiple panes of glass are used. This means that cold and hot air find it difficult to pass between those panes and affect the temperature on the other side.

Unfortunately, you might find that in some rare instances, those glass panes fail. This can lead to moisture entering between the panes and this means your weather sealing has been compromised. This can push up your energy bills and affect the temperature in your home – that’s when it’s time to call Exitoso!

Sash Window Repairs Sydney

Exitoso & Co. are experts in all types of sash window repairs in Sydney. We have highly qualified tradesmen who can assist you with your sash window repairs. Repairing your windows in a timely manner is of paramount importance; you should always seek repairs as soon as possible when you notice damage of any kind.

When windows are damaged or not operating correctly your home is more vulnerable to forced entry, water, and air ingress.  Your home is exposed to factors such as poor insulation and energy loss and as a result, will be less efficient in climate control.  Poorly operating windows can lead to energy leaks. If your home requires more heating and cooling this will in turn increase your electricity costs.  Heat gain & loss through windows are responsible for 25%-30% of residential energy use. Getting your sash windows repaired will improve the energy efficiency of your home.

If your windows are damaged or broken, don’t take unnecessary risks and give us a call. In most instances, we can give you an instant quote over the phone. Where this is not possible due to specialty hardware or a unique problem, we can schedule a time at your home to conduct a complete assessment and provide you with a proper estimate. Exitoso & Co employs an experienced, qualified team that has passed a rigorous screening. You can have complete confidence in their ability to repair any kind of window problem you may have.

Double Hung Sash Window Repairs Sydney

Double-hung windows have 2 operating sashes that overlap slightly and slide up and down inside the frame. Therefore they have more moving parts, unlike single-hung sash windows.  There are more opportunities for things to go wrong. Did you know that if the back sash of double-hung windows needs to be repaired the front sash must also be replaced?  The longer the problem is left, the more difficult the repair is to complete and the more cost is involved.  If you have taken the time and effort to invest in double-hung windows, you want them to function correctly.

Exitoso & Co are the experts in providing double-hung window repairs and can handle any repair presented to us.

Our tradesmen are virtuosos when it comes to window repairs. We haven’t come across a problem we haven’t been able to fix yet!  In fact, we often get window repairs that no one else was able to fix!

We do it all from frame repairs, replacing latches & locks, replacing glass panes and glazing seals, weather strips, spirals, spring balances, and sash cords. Whatever the problem is with your double-hung windows we can more than likely repair it. Quality window repairs at cost-effective prices that come with a 12-month warranty, you can’t ask for much more than that.

We have experience with all the different brands and types of windows and double-hung window frames in the market; we can also do repairs on older window frames as well.

Tilt-In Window Repair

One of the best innovations to emerge in window design is the tilt-and-turn window. This window is common in Europe and is the most common type of window in Germany where it originated. Tilt and turn windows open in two directions. The windows will be “tilt first” i.e. bottom hung at 90 degrees for ventilation and the side hung at 180 degrees for cleaning the outer face of the glass from inside the building.

Tilt and turn windows combine functionality with security. All functions are one-handed and one-move operated. Tilt and turn windows create a healthier living environment by circulating fresh air while keeping your family safe from intruders. Tilt and turn windows are low maintenance and extremely durable as long as you look after them. But they are low maintenance, not maintenance-free, a common mistake many make.

Like any window system with moving parts, they will have points of vulnerability that can become damaged if subjected to excessive stress or wear & tear.

If you begin to have difficulty with your tilt-in windows, you’ll be relieved to know you don’t have to pay the high cost of replacing them, because there are simple low-cost repairs that can get them back to working order.

Exitoso & Co provides a range of window repair solutions including sliding window repairs, tilt-in window repairs, sash window repairs & more in Sydney. We stock a vast array of hardware for Alspec bifold doors, AWS bifold doors, Centor bifold doors, Brio bifold doors, Hafele bifold doors, Hawa bifold doors, Henderson bifold doors, and Stegbar door repairs. We also provide lock replacement solutions including door handle replacement, door lock replacement & screen door roller replacement services for property owners in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.


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