Door Repairs

Door Repair Services in Sydney

Doors may have the simple job of opening and closing, but they’re made of a lot of intricate parts. And when one of those parts isn’t working properly, a door in your home loses its “perfect amount of privacy” charm and becomes a pesky annoyance. The 5 most common problems with doors includes damage due to forced entry or excessive pressure, hinge breakage, misaligned latches & poor quality hardware. Roller breakage or deterioration and track damage can lead to sliding doors jumping off the track, becoming stuck or difficult to open and close and even falling out. Sliding doors not latching can be due to roller collapse and the doors falling out of alignment.  Shoddy or aged weather strips can cause draughts and rattling doors.

If hinged doors aren’t installed correctly they can become misaligned causing the door to scrape on the top frame or the floor and making it difficult to open and close. Slamming doors can cause hardware to become loose and fall out over time. Quality hardware for the weight of the door should be used so that gravity doesn’t take over eventually and cause the door to malfunction.  If your door is scraping, is difficult to open & close, doesn’t latch correctly it is probably due to the hinges or possibly swelling of the timber. Exitoso & Co can correct all these problems easily and efficiently.

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Whatever type of door you may have and whatever kind of problem it is suffering from, there are expert door repairers at Exitoso & Co ready to assist you. It can be tempting to cut costs and go with cheaper door hardware but paying a bit more for higher quality door hardware is a smart investment and will give you a better ROI.,  Industry leaders such as Assa Abloy, Brio, Centor, Gainsborough, Whitco, Henderson, Anthony Bearings are built to the highest of standards and offer a wide range of hardware at price points suitable to all budgets. But don’t overlook the commonly used and affordably priced Doric & Cowdroy window & door hardware.  Exitoso & Co select the best hardware to fit the solution.There is a large selection of sliding door rollers on the market but not all rollers are made the same. Using top quality rollers with the correct weight rating for the door size and weight is paramount to the operation of the sliding door. Sliding doors should operate using a very light push / pull action if your sliding doors are not operating in this way there is definitely something wrong. While internal doors can be perceived to be less important than external doors, they do provide an important functionwith privacy noise reduction and energy costs. If you have a problem with your internal doors, fixing them may save you more money than it costs.

Whatever your door problems you can be assured that Exitoso can resolve these and many more problems cost effectively.


French Door Repair

French doors add a sense of openness, structure and beauty to residential homes.

Originally used for access to balconies, french doors are now often added to homes to bring in more light and appeal to a space. Though often thought of as a double door, a French door is simply a door that contains glass for its full length. The doors have evolved greatly since their conception and have more purposes than originally intended. French doors originated in France during the 17th century. The doors originated as windows that reached to the floor and led onto small balconies. By the end of the 17th century, the doors were starting to appear in England as well.

French doors can be made of timber consisting of a timber panel at the bottom and glass panels or “lights” in the top half or of glass the full length of the door.  French doors often have intricate architectural hardware which contributes to the elegance of these beautiful doors.  On the down side, replacing some of this hardware with a like for like can be difficult as it may no longer be in production.  Over time and use the hardware will eventually deteriorate and breakdown especially if it’s not looked after and maintained.  Hinges can break, and poor-quality hinge replacements can lead the door to hanging unevenly causing the doors to scrape against each other when being opened and closed.  Timber swelling can also be a common problem if the doors aren’t painted with the correct paint for exterior application.

To avoid costly repairs, you should inspect the doors regularly for hardware damage, wear & tear and timber rotting.  You should also regularly clean the doors and the hardware to remove debris, salt air deposits and environmental pollution building up.  Or have your French doors routinely serviced by a professional.  Exitoso & Co are experts in French door repairs and maintenance.  We can replace or repair the hardware on French doors, plane the doors and rehang the hinges so the doors fit correctly and regularly maintain your French doors. So if you don’t have the time or know how to fix your French doors, call Exitoso & Co the door repair professionals.


uPVC Door Repairs

uPVC was produced for the first time in 1935 and has been industrially manufactured in large quantities for over 50 years.  Commonly used in windows the production of uPVC doors meant that all the benefits of uPVC’s durability and stability could be used in external entry ways that are exposed to rain, sun and other external environmental factors. Considered an energy efficient choice, uPVC doors have similar thermal properties to timber. uPVC limits the transfer of heat and cold through the frame and as a result can reduce reliance on heaters and air conditioners. These frames can also be filled with foam insulation to further improve thermal performance.

uPVC is a flame retardant material commonly used in fire risk areas. uPVC frames are a self extinguishable material that does not support combustion.  This makes uPVC a great choice from a safety perspective. This doesn’t mean that the doors will be problem free forever.  They can still suffer from stress factors, hardware damage or glass breakage.  Hinges, locking mechanisms can break, rollers can deteriorate in uPVC sliding doors and whilst they are low maintenance and are not “no maintenance” so regularly cleaning is recommended to keep them in good working order.

If you do notice a problem with your uPVC doors, call Exitoso & Co, we can repair your uPVC door so it works like new. We also repair door handles & door glass as well.

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