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Speciality Repairs

Door Closer Replacement, Oversized Commercial Stacker, Sliding & Bifold Door Repairs

Commercial doors often experience more wear & tear and breakdown more frequently due to being in high traffic areas. These doors are often oversized posing an issue with repairs; door closer replacement is a common repair due to the weight and size of the doors. They often require multiple resources to lift them safely and maneuvering them into a clear area working area takes skill and precision. Exitoso has repaired many oversized commercial doors in cafes, restaurants & schools and has the manpower, tools, hardware & expertise to ensure that repairs are carried out safely & sucessfully.

Door Closer Replacement

Door closers & limiters are designed to stop doors closing too quickly or slamming in windy conditions. Over time these can stop performing their critical function and you may require a door closer replacement. We can install a limiter or perform a door closer replacement if your doors need this kind of control. Call us for a very competitive price on repair, adjustment, replacement or new installation.

Pivot Doors

Commonly used in commercial applications, the pivot door has become a popular choice for residential homes and apartment buildings alike in the last 15 years. Pivot door repairs are specialised doors that require the right hardware, tools & manpower. We have access to a vast selection of pivot door hardware and the expertise to repair pivot doors at very competitive rates.

Header Repairs

A common problem with sliding, stacker and bi-fold doors in both commercial and residential properties is the top header dropping over time.  This puts pressure on the frame and doors.  This pressure causes the doors to drop out of alignment becoming difficult to operate.  The doors may be scraping on the tracks or floor damaging the rollers, hinges and causing handles to snap from the force being applied to open and close the doors.  It is not often visible to the untrained eye that the header is the root cause of the doors not operating well.  Exitoso has the experience and expertise to repair this common problem.

Shutter Repairs / Servicing

External shutters can sieze, hinges break due to exposure to environmental pollution, dirt and salt air.  Exitoso have the expertise, the tools and hardware to repair or service external shutters.

If you have a repair that no one has been able to fix then it may be a speciality repair that we can help you with.  Call Exitoso on 0477006654 to discuss your speciality repair or request a quote.