Casement Windows

Casement & Awning Window Repair


Casement windows are traditional and elegant window style that were common before the sash window was introduced. Used singly or in pairs within a common window frame. Casement windows are side hung and opened with a crank, lever or cam handle.  A casement stay is used to hold the window in an open position. One of the biggest benefits is that the window opens inwards or outward 90 degrees much like a door.

The most vulnerable parts of a casement window, apart from the glass, are the hinges.  Hinges can be damaged in as a result of environmental pollution, corrosion from salt air deposits, stress placed on the window itself and a lack of general maintenance.  Rusting is a common problem when the hinges aren’t cleaned regularly and can lead to the hinges breaking and the window falling If the windows aren’t treated correctly for exposure to rain & water, it can lead to the timber frames swelling, rotting and falling apart. At Exitoso & Co, we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of window repair problems, including the problems mentioned above. We can fix window problems quickly and affordably.

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Getting your windows fixed when they are damaged in any way should always be a top priority. Damaged windows reduce the energy efficiency of your home and also leave you vulnerable to security risks. Keep your family safe and your energy bills low by ensuring your windows are in top condition. We specialise in fixing the hardware and functionality of windows. Hardware will inevitably deteriorate or fail over time with constant use.  The hinges, crank, lever or cam handle, locks and casement stays can be replaced so that your window functions properly again. Call the experts at Exitoso & Co for the fastest and most reliable service in Sydney

Window Awning Repair

Awning windows are a traditional favourite and have a long history of use in both residential & commercial settings. The elegance of the uninterrupted pane of glass is combined superbly with the sturdy frame, making the awning suitable for almost all conditions.


Awning windows are a variation on the casement windows, instead of opening vertically inwards or outwards to the left and right, the awning window is top hung with hinges, opening outwards horizontally. They can be stacked, with several in one frame or combined with fixed glass.  Their versatility makes them a popular choice when seeking to improve ventilation while remaining both secure and protected from the elements outside.


Awning windows can be pushed out as far as you want to give you full control of the size of the opening. Friction stays hold the window in place and allow the window to be opened in one motion.  Chain winders are also common on awning windows and allow the window to be opened. The winder handle is connected by a length of rigid chain to the bottom part of the window, helping to keep the window open to the exact amount you want. Both friction stays and chain winders can become stiff due to corrosion from exposure to rain, salt air, environmental pollution and debris especially if this is not cleaned and lubricated on a regular basis.  This causes the window to become difficult to open and close with the window become stuck in the open position.

Modern Awning windows come with multi-point locks and can be sash restricted, so the opening is limited to opening 100-120mm making them a safe option if you have young children.

We have the expertise, knowledge and tools to repair and replace all components of awning and casement windows, including hinge replacement, window winder replacement, lock replacement, window stays replacement,

Fixing awning and casement windows is a specialty of Exitoso & Co and we aim to complete most window repair and replacement jobs on the first visit.


Don’t hesitate to give us a call when you notice damage to your awning windows, and we’ll be happy to provide an instant estimate over the phone.

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