Sliding Door Repairs

Sliding Door Rollers Repair, Sydney

Is your sliding door making a grinding sound when being opened and closed? Has the handle been damaged due to the force required to operate it?

If your screen door is getting jammed, jumping off the track, and is difficult to slide, you may require sliding door roller repair. We can fix this kind of problem for you quickly and affordably. Sliding door rollers repair or replacement is a relatively simple and affordable repair.

Exitoso & Co. is your go-to, when it comes to helping you with sliding door roller repairs. If your sliding door rollers aren’t functioning properly, the door is becoming jammed or it is difficult to slide, we can fix this kind of problem quickly and affordably.

What are the common causes of roller breakdown?

  • Age
  • Debris such as sand, dirt, or pet hair
  • Salt crystal build-up in the tracks

These issues usually require sliding door repairs. Sliding doors can often become out of alignment, making them difficult to open and close. This will cause grinding which in some instances can cause a panel to fall out.

Sliding Door Repairs

Exitoso can perform a service on your sliding door rollers, giving them a clean, and ensuring they’re in good condition and well-lubricated. This way you can organise a sliding door roller repair consultation before they break, eliminating the need for repairs.

Sliding Door Rollers Repair

There is a common misconception that sliding doors are difficult to slide due to their size and weight. Irrespective of the size your sliding doors should be able to slide with just a slight push – even with one finger. Essentially, the sliding door should glide effortlessly. If your sliding door requires force to open & close the rollers need to be repaired or replaced. Roller collapse due to age, wear & tear, debris on the track, and other environmental factors can affect the entire operation of the sliding door. The sliding door may drop out of alignment, can’t be latched/locked, become difficult to slide and there may even be a gap at the top allowing the elements in. Whilst it may seem simple to replace the rollers yourself, it can be very complex to do.

The correct roller for the size & weight of the door and its coastal position is important. Often, commercial-grade rollers are not always available at your local hardware store. Once the rollers are replaced they need to be adjusted to sit in the frame correctly, so the doors glide smoothly. Roller deterioration or collapse is often left until the door no longer opens and closes.  This can result in more damage to the door and track, and make the problem much worse. The end result will be a costlier repair that could have been prevented.

With proper care, your roller should last longer than the manufacturer’s warranty period before it needs replacing. Sand, pet hair, and dirt in the tracks are some of the leading issues requiring sliding door roller repair. Vacuuming the tracks to remove debris and washing down the sliding doors and hardware regularly will improve the longevity of the rollers.

Don’t leave your sliding door roller repair or replacement till the last minute, call Exitoso & Co. for help. We will complete your sliding door roller repair and get the door running smoothly again.

We have on hand a vast array of hardware for the following:

Retrofit Rollers

We may also be able to retrofit existing rollers where the specific rollers are no longer available.

Sliding Door Track Repair and Capping

Damage to sliding door tracks is a common problem caused by roller collapse.  The sliding door will drop out of alignment and become difficult to slide open & closed.  Over time the doors become more difficult to operate and more and more force is applied to open and close them. This misalignment means that you have a metal-on-metal effect causing friction and gouging of the tracks.

The sliding doors make a loud grinding or screeching sound when they are forced open & closed. It can also cause the sliding door to jump off the tracks. This kind of damage needs to be repaired before the rollers can be replaced.  If the track is not repaired or capped it will lead to roller damage again. This means more expense in the long run. This is why it is important to call in the professionals when it comes to sliding door repairs or track capping.

Exitoso & Co. are the leading experts in track repairs & cappings. We have an extensive range of track capping sizes and grooves. If your sliding doors are experiencing any of these symptoms don’t wait, call us today!

Track Capping

A track capping is not a track replacement.  To replace the track you would need to replace the whole frame around the door that houses the track.  A very costly exercise! A track capping is a cost-effective solution to extensively damaged tracks.  A thin aluminium or stainless-steel track cap with matching moulds is laid over the existing track and screwed into place. A track capping must be done across the entire track so the door glides smoothly when being operated.  However, track capping is not always possible, if there is insufficient space between the existing track and the door panel or where that specific track mould is not available. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers meaning they may need to be replaced before the roller warranty period is reached.

Track Repair

A track repair is a manual file & sand of the track performed by hand by the technician.  A track repair is utilised where track damage is minor or where track capping is not a possible solution.  For extensively damaged tracks, a sliding door track repair can take a significant amount of effort & time to perfect. Where this can’t adequately achieve the desired result, it would not be undertaken. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers. This means they may need to be replaced before the warranty period is reached. Track Capping may be an alternate solution.

Sliding Door Lock & Handle Replacement

The locks and handles on sliding doors can become defective over time, corrosion from salt air and debris as well as excessive force to open & close the door can cause them to fail. Lock and handle replacements can be easily achieved unless we can’t source a like-for-like replacement. Where this occurs, we will try and match a replacement that is as close to the original footprint of the lock or handle as possible.

Sliding Glass Door Repairs and Weather Pile Replacement

Sliding doors can rattle in the wind and become draughty. This can be caused by the deterioration of weather pile seals. These are also referred to as mohair seals or weather strips. We can perform expert sliding door repairs where we replace the weather pile seals to address these issues and save you money on your power bills.

If you have a repair that no one has been able to fix then it may require a specialty repair. That is something we can help you with! Call the professionals at Exitoso & Co. on 0477006654 to discuss your specialty repair or request a quote.