Sliding & Stacker Door Repairs


Is your sliding door making a grinding sound when opened and closed? Has the handle has been ripped off due to the force being applied to operate the doors? These are classic symptoms of roller breakdown and track damage. Age, salt crystal build up, debris such as sand, dirt & dog hair in the tracks are some of the reasons rollers break down. It is common for the sliding door to drop out of alignment making the doors difficult to open and close and producing a grinding or screeching sound and in some instances can cause the panel to fall out.

Roller Replacement

We can replace rollers and realign the panels so that the doors are easily and safely operated.

Retrofit Rollers

We can also retro-fit existing rollers where the specific rollers are no longer available.

Track Capping

A track capping is not a track replacement.  To replace the track you would need to replace the whole frame around the door that houses the track.  A very costly exercise! A track capping is a cost-effective solution to extensively damaged tracks.  A thin aluminium or stainless-steel track cap with matching moulds is laid over the existing track and screwed into place. A track capping must be done across the entire track so the window glides smoothly when being operated.  However, a track capping is not always possible, if there is insufficient space between the existing track and the door panel or where that specific track mould is not available. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers meaning they may need to be replaced before the roller warranty period is reached.

Track Repair

A track repair is a manual file & sand of the track performed by hand by the technician.  A track repair is utilised where track damage is minor or where a track capping is not a possible solution.  For extensively damaged tracks, a track repair can take a significant amount of effort & time to perfect and where this can’t adequately achieve the desired result would not be undertaken. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers meaning they may need to be replaced before the warranty period is reached. Refer to Track Capping for an alternate solution.

Sliding Door Lock & Handle Replacement

The locks and handles on sliding doors can become defective over time, corrosion from salt air and debris as well as excessive force to open & close the door can cause them to fail.  Lock & Handle replacements can be easily achieved unless we can’t source a like for like replacement.  Where this occurs, we will try and match a replacement that is a close to the original foot print of the lock or handle as possible.

Sliding Door Weather Pile Replacement

Sliding doors can rattle in the wind and become draughty this can be caused by deterioration of weather pile seals. This is also referred to as mohair seals or weather strips.  Replacing the weather pile seals on sliding windows can address these issues and may save you money on your power bills.

Hinged Doors

We can replace the hinges on internal or external timber, glass and security screen doors and replace locks.  We can also plane the door and rehang it so that is fits correctly in the frame.