Sliding Door Repairs and Track Replacement in Sydney

Sliding doors contain many different components and mechanisms. When these work in harmony, your sliding doors should glide smoothly along their tracks.

However, sometimes sliding door tracks need to be replaced or repaired to ensure your doors move effortlessly.

At Exitoso and Co, we offer sliding door track repair in Sydney and the surrounding areas.

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How Do I Know If My Sliding Door Tracks Need Repairing Or Replacing?

Your doors may have become a lot harder to open and close. You might recall that previously you were able to open the doors with just a light push. However, over time this has become harder and now it is a real effort, or you just leave them closed because the effort is too much.

They may also make a grinding noise, and this can be an indication that your sliding doors need fixing.

Sliding doors run on rollers and if these collapse, it can cause your tracks to become damaged because the doors are no longer aligned properly. If this happens, different options can sort this problem.

One of these options is to have your tracks capped. Capping is where a thin metal track is placed on top of your existing track. It is molded to fit and screwed in place to allow your doors to roll smoothly across it.

We stock a wide range of track capping sizes and grooves, so in the majority of cases, we can repair it there and then. We know it can be inconvenient waiting for someone to come and fix a problem, so this helps to minimise the disruption.

If there is not enough room for track capping, we can also repair your existing track. This is done manually by filing and sanding the track to allow the doors to run without any friction. Repairing your sliding door tracks is a great solution to fix the problem.

Why Choose Exitoso & Co?

If you are looking for sliding door track replacement or repairs in Sydney, Exitoso & Co can provide you with the solution you need.

We can save you the expense of having your sliding doors replaced by repairing the components that are worn out or not working as they should be.

Exitoso and Co are proud to be a company that fixes what other companies cannot. We always strive to reach the right solution for you. Additionally, we make sure we find the root cause; you might know that your tracks are damaged and need fixing, but we work out why they are damaged and sort that problem too so that it does not reoccur in the future.

For a free quote on how our services can help your doors slide smoothly once again, contact us today. We look forward to getting you back on track!

Exitoso & Co provides a range of window repair solutions including UPVC window repairs, aluminum window & door repairs, sliding window repairs, tilt-in window repairs & more in Sydney. We also provide lock replacement solutions including door handle replacement & screen door roller replacement services for property owners in Sydney. To speak with us please call 0477 006 654 or email us for a free quote.

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Janet – Forest Lodge

I would like to commend Exitoso for the job done at our property on 12/10/2020.     Sean and his colleague provided an excellent service and left our two sets of stacker glass doors in perfect condition.   I do not use Facebook or Twitter, but I wanted you to know how appreciative we are for the service […]

Ruth – Milsons Point

I am happy to recommend your company for its professional staff, efficiency and quality of work. Recently, some rectification work was completed at our apartment. The work was perfectly and professionally completed.  Your staff are courteous, respectful of people and property and exacting in their work. They were also wonderfully clean and careful to not […]