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Bi-Fold Door & Windows

Bifold Door Repairs in Sydney

Bi-fold doors & windows are a stunning way to open up your home to the outdoors but they need to be maintained with routine servicing. Just like your car, regular cleaning & maintenance needs to be done especially in coastal areas where the hardware can corrode and breakdown making the bi-folds drop out of alignment and difficult to open & close. In our experience bi-folds that are between 8-15 years old will start to experience operational problems.  We can rejuvenate your bifold windows or doors by replacing the bi-fold hardware for any top hung or bottom roller system. With access to a vast array of bi-fold hardware including AWS, Brio, Bradmans, Cowdroy, Centor & Capral, Hafele, Hendersen we can replace the rollers, hinges, guides, handles, locks, flush bolts and realign your bi-folds so they work effortlessly again.

* Where bi-fold hardware is discontinued it may not be possible to replace with like for like hardware and a custom solution may need to be identified.


Track Repair

A track repair is a manual file & sand of the track performed by hand.  A track repair is utilised where track damage has occurred due to roller breakdown.  For extensively damaged tracks, a track repair can take a significant amount of effort & time to perfect and where this can’t adequately achieve the desired result would not be undertaken. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers meaning they may need to be replaced before the warranty period is reached.

Weather Pile Replacement

Bi-Fold doors & windows can rattle in the wind and become draughty when sun exposure and environmental pollution causes deterioration of the weather pile seals.  Replacing the weather pile seals can prevent draughts, dusts & leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home saving you money on your power bills.  We carry weather pile seals in our van so replacement is hassle free.

Re-glazing Seals

We can replace glazing seals, without the glass being removed.  If your glazing seals need replacing give us a call today.

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Exitoso & Co are the leading name in Sydney door repairs, and one of the areas where we particularly excel in is bifold door repairs. Our company has built a reputation on having the best window & door technicians with experience in solving bi-fold door problems. When you choose to have your bi-fold doors repaired by the experts from Exitoso & Co, you can have total peace of mind that the job will be done to the highest of professional standards, safely, thoroughly, and they will also clean up after they are finished.

To repair bi-fold doors you need to have a thorough understanding of how these doors operate under the configuration that they were installed in.  Typical problems with bi-fold doors are the header dropping over time, the rollers breakdown, the hinges need replacing and handles breaking posing a security risk.  To repair these problems, often all the panels need to be removed and the header needs to be propped up and then lifted. These doors more than others need regular TLC and in general start to show wear & tear around the 8-14 year mark depending on whether they are in a residential or commercial space. These bifold door repairs are often complex and require a full day to repair and 2 men.  After the doors are repaired we test the structural integrity of the panels and frames and the operation of the doors before signing off the repairs as completed.  Video footage of the doors operating under these test conditions is recorded for both yours and our piece of mind.

If we tell you the doors can be repaired, we stand by that statement and commitment. If the doors are beyond repair, we will tell you that as well. You will not be disappointed in your decision to select Exitoso & Co as your door repairer. We can rejuvenate your doors, so they are like they were when they were brand new.  Keeping your doors regularly maintained after your repairs are completed is strongly encouraged.  It’s the best way to protect your repair investment.

We’re also expert bifold door installers

Bifold doors are unique and require a different skill set for installing than traditional doors. The installation of the bi-fold doors must therefore be done to the highest of standards using experts in this field.  The operation of your doors will be very much dependent on the grade of the install.  As much as possible, try to use bifold door installers recommended by the door fabricator. They are trained and certified to install their bifold doors. This way you always have an avenue to pursue if things go wrong.  Fabricators often have a service department that will repair doors whilst they are under warranty and will recommend other repairers once the warranty expires.  Exitoso & Co are highly recommended by many bi-fold door fabricators because they know the quality of our work and our repair expertise in second to none.

Usually the first sign the bi-fold doors are not operating correctly is the door scraping on the track or ground often producing a grinding or screeching type sound. This is usually due to the doors dropping out of alignment.  Another indicator is the handle breaks and the doors can’t be operated as the handle is part of the overall door mechanism.  Often people mistake a broken handle as being just that, ignoring the fact that the doors don’t slide well.  And commonly, all the problems are ignored for months until the doors can’t be opened or closed, and they have a security issue.  Never leave your bi-folds to get to this stage.  The costs of repairing bi fold doors will significantly increase due to the complexity of the repairs and the hardware replacement costs.  Remember to call Exitoso & Co for your bifold door repairs in Sydney sooner rather than later. We also provide bifold door installer services and repair other types of doors and windows.

Caring for your bifold doors

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and taking care of your bifold doors will cut down the chance that you’ll need to have them repaired. Fortunately, it is quite simple to care for bifold doors, so it does not require a lot of effort or expense.

Do an audit of the doors on a regular basis, check the top, mid & end hinges. This is where a lot of problem start. Make sure the screws are nice and tight, and that the hinge plate is perfectly flush, look for signs the hinge plate has moved out of position.  Check the locks and handles, guides, seals, weather strips, flush bolts and the glass & frame integrity. Operate all the panels and check if they are catching, getting stuck or require more force then usual to operate.

Wash your doors down regularly including the hardware, dry the hardware with a soft cloth and then apply a good quality lubricate to moving parts to keep them free from debris and smooth to operate.  Vacumm the tracks regularly.  If you only use 1 or 2 of the doors on a regular basis, make an effort to open all the panels every 4 weeks.

Taking time to do simple maintenance regularly will save you money in the long run.  Exitoso & Co can schedule routine maintenance if you don’t have the time or know how and its set an forget. We will simply contact you 2 weeks before your routine maintenance is due, you just have to wash the doors down the day before and we will take care of the rest!

Help! The Ultimate Guide of How to Fix Bifold Doors

Every luxury home you see in the magazines, every aspirational Instagram post of a pimped-out pad, has something in common. Normally you’ll see an incredible view through some beautiful bifold doors. It’s no wonder that bifold are becoming more and more popular in homes across the country. Firstly, we’ve got some stunning views here in Sydney that should be celebrated in any home, but bifold are great for so many reasons.

Traditional glass doors, for example French doors, take up more space, and sliding doors cannot achieve the same wide-open access. Bifold doors use a concertina mechanism to only use the minimum amount of space in your room, so you can utilise the space a lot more effectively. Unlike sliding doors, bifold can be configured in multiple ways, so you can adapt your doors to the needs of the occasion. New bifold are very energy efficient and, because you are able to open only the doors you need, let out less heat than other glass doors. They can even be more secure than other doors, as they have multiple locking mechanisms. The only issue with these glass beauties is what happens when your bifold door needs repairs.

My Bifold Door Won’t Close, What’s Gone Wrong?

The complex mechanisms, and multiple panel design of a bifold, requires expert bifold door installers and maintenance services to operate at their best. We hate to say it, but premature problems with doors are normally the fault of prior bad installation or repair. Otherwise, erosion and wearing of bifold doors commonly happens around the 8-15 year mark and usual issues include:

  • Roller breakdown. If the rollers in your bifold door have broken down then chances are you will also have sustained damage to the tracks, which will need to be repaired. To do this the track should be manually filed down and sanded off. If the damage is pronounced, this can be a laborious job. It’s worthwhile making a proper assessment of the damage before starting. We can complete a track repair with a much higher success rate than any DIY job, so we recommend not attempting this repair yourself. We will also always tell you upfront if we think there is too much damage to proceed.
  • Weather Pile Replacement. If you can hear the wind rattling or feel a cool draught through the seals in your bifold doors, then it’s probably time for replacement weather pile seals. Damaged by exposure to sunlight and pollution, old seals need replacing sooner, rather than later. New seals will keep out unwanted draughts and dust whilst keeping in your heat or conditioned air. Keeping energy bills down is a great bonus to getting your seals done, and it’s a quick job that we complete for many of our customers.
  • Re-glazing seals. Have you ever seen the trick where the magician whips the tablecloth out without disturbing the cutlery? Well, we can do the same thing when we replace glazing seals. We can perform this essential repair without removing the glass, magic!

Trust the Bifold Door Repair Experts

We’ve been dealing with doors and windows for a long time, so we know exactly how to repair and replace parts properly. Make sure your door is safe and secure by using an expert. To get in touch you can fill out our handy ‘contact’ form on the website, call the office on 0477 006 654 or request a quote online. Whatever way you like you get in touch, talk to us today for quality, professional advice.

Exitoso & Co provides range of window repair solutions including UPVC window repairs, aluminium window & door repairs, sliding window repairs, tilt in window repairs & more in Sydney. We also provide lock replacement solutions including door handle replacement, door lock replacement & screen door roller replacement services for the property owners in Sydney. To speak to us please call 0477 006 654 today or email us for a free quote.

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