Cavity Doors


Cavity doors are a great way to separate rooms and create privacy without having to compromise on your space. Unlike swing doors which can take up valuable floor space when opening and closing, a cavity door solution does not impede on your living space, and will not obstruct your furniture or fittings. Cavity doors are low maintenance and durable and create a seamless transition from room to room.

Cavity doors comprise three key components:

  • The cavity frame
  • The door itself
  • The Track

The track is where the door retracts into the cavity, making it disappear from view.

Cavity sliding doors are extremely easy to use, especially for households with small children and the elderly. Having that simplicity and the safety element too makes for a great choice.

Some common problems that can occur with cavity doors can include:

  • Roller failure
  • The doors coming of the tracks (This can be caused due to excessive force being used when opening and closing the doors)
  • Header problems (Which will force the track and doors out of alignment)

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your cavity doors within your home or office space we are here to help.

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