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Single & Double Hung Windows

Common Repairs

Sash Cord Repair / Replacement

Heritage timber windows are beautiful and where the timber is in good condition should be preserved.  If the sash cord (rope) has snapped and the window won’t stay open we replace the sash cord so your window can be restored to working order again.

Sash Cord Re-weighting

If the sash cord is not broken but the sash won’t stay open or you have had thicker glass installed the sash may need to be re-weighted.  We can do this easily so you can preserve your heritage windows.

Spiral Balance Replacement

Whether your windows are timber or aluminium the spiral balance through age and wear & tear will need replacing.  The first sign the the spiral balance needs to be replaced is the sash falling back down or flying back up when it is opened or closed.  This poses a danger from glass breakage or fingers being jammed. We can replace the spiral balance in the sash so you can eliminate this danger.

Spring System & Foot Replacement

Aluminium double hung windows with a spring system can breakdown over time resulting in the spring system failing.  The window will become difficult to open and close and eventually won’t stay open posing a danger from glass breakage & fingers being jammed.  We repair or replace the spring system and can also replace the foot where this is missing.