Casement, Awning & Window Winder Repairs

Casement, Awning & Window Winder Repair

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward, to the left or right, while awning windows are hinged at the top. They usually open via a window winder, allowing you to manually ‘wind’ the window open. These types of windows can be affected by various issues requiring casement or awning window repair. Rest assured, whatever your issue we have the experience, the hardware, and the expertise to carry out your casement and awning window repair or window winder repairs.

Winder Replacement

We carry a large range of winders and can source an appropriate replacement for your window winders.  Winders can become rusty over time and difficult to wind in and out.  A like-for-like replacement is usually the best option.  If this is not possible we will try and match a replacement that is as close to the footprint of the original as possible. This eliminates the need for new holes to be drilled, possible filling of existing holes, and additional work and cost.

Window Winder Repairs

In certain circumstances, we can conduct window winder repairs to ensure the continued function of the window. If the condition of the winder on your window is in ok condition, bringing it back to excellent condition may only require a clean and lubrication. This eliminates the extra cost involved in replacing the entire window winder mechanism.

Hinge Replacement

Casement & awning window hinges play an integral part in keeping the window safely in place and operational.  Wear & tear, salt air & debris can all lead to hinges breaking.  This can be dangerous if the window falls out.  Checking hinges regularly and cleaning dirt & debris can preserve the life of the hinges. Where the hinges are rusted, corroded, or beyond servicing, replacement is the best option.  We carry a vast array of hinges in the vans and have access to a large range of hinges.  Replacement is easy and shouldn’t be left until the window is falling out.

Stays Replacement

Window Stays can become rusty and seize over time making opening and closing casement & awning windows difficult.  The arms not only assist with the open & closing operation of the windows but also hold the window in place once it is open and therefore is key to the integrity of the window.  Another common problem is the incorrect size stays being installed for the size & weight of the sash.  If these sound like the problems you have, Exitoso has the expertise & hardware to carry out your casement and awning window repairs.