Peter Carr, Southern Suburbs

We built our house in 2003. It has three sets of bi-fold doors on the ground level. From the very beginning the bi-fold doors have never operated as intended.

Recently the largest set of bi-folds failed completely. The first company we contacted regarding this issue seemed disinterested and advised that parts were most likely no longer available. They suggested that new doors would be required. A very expensive conclusion made over the phone without even visiting our home to inspect the doors. Fortunately we continued our search to find a better solution.

We then found Exitoso. They listened carefully to our concerns. They explained that the company partners with FixIt Windows and Doors to service the Sydney area. Shortly after explaining our predicament, we were called by Sam from FixIt. Because the doors could not be securely closed he understood the importance of resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Sam expertly repaired the doors. He was able to find solutions to each of the many issues that rendered our doors inoperable.

We are so grateful that we found Sean and Sam. Exitoso and FixIt are amazing people to deal with. They clearly care about their clients and are focused on cost-effective solutions rather than problems.

Our advice – don’t waste time going to other companies. If you have any difficulties with your doors and/or windows call Exitso or FixIt (southern suburbs) for the best advice, service, and outcome.