Sash Window Repairs to Restore their former glory

Damaged windows that don’t operate properly can make your home more vulnerable to weather, forced entry, drafts and higher energy costs. In most cases, you don’t need to get the whole window replaced – there could be an easier solution to getting your damaged sash window repairs done, that won’t disrupt your day. Getting your broken sash windows repaired or maintained by the right people is the best way to avoid exposing yourself to these issues.

What is a sash window?

Sash windows are a common style of window, particularly in heritage style homes, with two separate panes of glass where either one or both panes are able to slide within the frame. A sash window can either be single or double hung and made from aluminium or timber. Popular mostly heritage homes, a timber sash window adds character and style, where aluminium sash windows are best suited to a modern style home where sleek lines are the key.


Maintaining sash windows

Sash windows have many moving parts that are required to all work together in order to function properly. From the sash cord (allowing movement up and down), to the pulleys (maintain the position), locks and tracks, sash windows can require regular maintenance to prevent damage from use and age. Hardware like pulleys and locks can be cleaned and lubricated however if the frame or sash is damaged or broken, it may need more in depth repairs or even replacement.

Sash window repairs and replacements

If your sash window is old and hasn’t been maintained in a while, certain parts may need to be replaced. Sash window repairs are commonplace, were certain parts of the window can be worked on individually, rather than replacing the whole window if only one piece isn’t working.

All hardware pieces can be replaced, including winders, cords, pulleys and locks. On timber sash windows, you can even simply replace the piece of timber acting as the sash, without affecting the rest of the timber frame. This is particularly handy when the sash is broken or rotted, but the rest of the frame is in good condition, saving you money!

Keep the warmth in in winter and let the cool breeze through in summer with functioning sash windows.
Don’t take unnecessary risks with broken or damaged windows and get Exitoso & Co to work on your sash window repairs, providing replacement parts and maintenance in the Sydney area.
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