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Bi-Fold Windows & Doors

Bifold windows & doors are a stunning way to open up your home to the outdoors but they need to be cared for with routine servicing.  Just like your car, regular cleaning & maintenance needs to be done especially in coastal areas where the hardware can corrode and breakdown making the bifolds drop out of alignment and difficult to open & close.  In our experience bi-folds that are between 8-15 years old will start to experience operational problems.  We can rejuvenate your bifold windows or doors by replacing the bi-fold hardware for any top hung or bottom roller system. With access to a vast array of bi-fold hardware including AWS, Brio, Bradmans, Cowdroy, Centor & Capral, Hafele, Hendersen we can replace the rollers, hinges, guides, handles, locks, flush bolts and realign your bi-folds so they work effortlessly again.

* Where bi-fold hardware is discontinued it may not be possible to replace with like for like hardware and a custom solution may need to be identified.
Track Repair

A track repair is a manual file & sand of the track performed by hand.  A track repair is utilised where track damage has occurred due to roller breakdown.  For extensively damaged tracks, a track repair can take a significant amount of effort & time to perfect and where this can’t adequately achieve the desired result would not be undertaken. Track damage can compromise and damage new rollers meaning they may need to be replaced before the warranty period is reached.

Weather Pile Replacement

Bi-Fold windows & doors can rattle in the wind and become draughty when sun exposure and environmental pollution causes deterioration of the weather pile seals.  Replacing the weather pile seals can prevent draughts, dusts & leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home saving you money on your power bills.  We carry weather pile seals in our van so replacement is hassle free.

Re-glazing Seals

We can replace glazing seals, without the glass being removed.  If your glazing seals need replacing call Exitoso on 0477006654 or Request a quote